BMW and Ninja Swords Nails

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These two nail designs are my older work. They aren’t my favourite, though. Since they are older designs I, unfortunately, have no tutorial pictures to show you. But really, it’s not all that difficult.

BMW nails

I didn’t intend them to resemble the BMW symbol but my boyfriend pointed it out to me once I finished. This was a very simple design, though I do not recommend using what I used for both designs.

Steps: Pick two colours of your choice. Using scotch tape line your nails horizontally and vertically so it’ll create a sort of vertical rectangle on the corner of your nail. Paint with one colour. Allow the polish to dry, applying double layers if needed. Repeat this process to the rest of the corners of your nails alternating the colours. Apply two layers of clear top coat.

Ninja Sword nails

My boyfriend named these ones as well. This process is very similar from the BMW nails only with three colours instead.

Steps: Choose a high contrast colour (silver), a bold colour (black), and neutral colour between the both (purple). First paint your nails with the neutral colour. Again, allow your coats to dry. Apply two pieces of scotch tape on a slant along your nails, having the two tape pieces meet at a close at the tip of your finger. Paint your bold colour, allowing the polish to dry. Then repeat the second step but on the opposite side and with using your contrast colour. Remember to apply your layer of clear top coat to seal it!

Cons: Using scotch tape is very messy and time consuming. The end result isn’t very pleasant as it leaves some raised look to the polish. When removing the tape, be very careful as it may tear the polish you just applied off your nail and you’ll end up doing to again. It’s very time consuming as you would have to wait until each layer is completely dry before applying the tape. If you apply the tape too soon and press too hard your result maybe the same as mine: when I removed the tape it would remove the under layer of nail polish too.

If you do it free-hand, I say better than scotch tape or if you can suggest any neater ideas I have no objections to trying 🙂

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“For the things which are seen are temporal. But the things which are not seen are eternal.” – Madeleine L’Engle, A Wrinkle in Time


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