Canon PowerShot SX110 IS Review

Hello Everyone!

Just going to do a review for the Canon PowerShot SX110IS. In my lifetime I’ve used many digital cameras and of all cameras, I believe Canon is the best camera brand. Every time I’ve owned a Canon I have been very impressed with the photos taken.

The Canon PowerShot SX110IS is a camera for people who want really good photos but don’t know how to do the manual settings. I think the best feature for this camera is taking really nice shots without the hassle.

The close up photos always amaze me. Its just the auto setting with the macro setting. This is a photo I took in Paris with the Canon Camera.

They have many settings including photos for pets, night time, easy shot and auto.I find the auto setting is great and the night time photo settings turn out very nice. Here are photos I took of Lady Gaga at the Montreal 2011 concert.  As you can see it looks like I was really close but the zoom is really amazing and still takes great photos! The right is auto, and the left is night settings. It’s really nice when a photo actually takes nice night photos and you see exactly what you see, instead of the flash ruining the photo.

 I am a design student so sometimes I need material to work with. Here is a photo of me experimenting with pink water. I was moving the water a lot and it was still able to capture a still image without any blurriness.

I think the only down side of Canon cameras is that they still used batteries as a source of power instead of a rechargeable battery. It uses two AA batteries and if you’re taking photos of an event you definitely need to bring back up batteries. You can buy rechargeable batteries so that it isn’t a problem, I just find those kind of batteries last shorter and shorter. This camera is also an older style, they might have a better new Canon camera out.

I recently got the FUJI FILM FinePIX F550EXR which has a rechargeable battery and I must have saved 50$ already, not using my other camera. The problem is that I love the photos of the Canon so much more. Since I felt that way I decided to use the FUJI for everyday stuff and the Canon for the important stuff. I can do a separate review if anyone is interested.

Overall I rate the Canon PowerShot SX110IS 8/10. The photos are great and there are settings dedicated to a specific situation. The close up photos are almost professional and nicer than SLR cameras without the hassle. The only downfall is that they take two AA Batteries and it doesn’t last very long. If you want a nice camera for special occasions I recommend using this camera to capture professional looking photos without the hassle.


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