Double Wing Eyeliner

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you my recent everyday eyeliner look.  This has been my go-to look now for about 2 years.  I love the way it makes my eyes look bigger.  It’s really simple and quick to do.  I prefer to use liquid eyeliner for this, as it lasts longer, is more define, and won’t likely smudge as easily.

The eyeliner I am currently using is Lise Watier’s Feline Eyeliner HD.  They describe the eyeliner on their site as follows:

“Looking for the purr-fect way to add a little drama to your… eyes? Well, Kitten, our high-definition, ultra-black Feline Eyeliner is the cat’s meow. It’s a long-wearing, liquid eyeliner that comes with a soft-tip applicator for precise, high-definition Makeup. Dermatologically and ophalmologically tested, we suggest you store the crayon tip down for optimal results. But it’s only a suggestion.”

I had this eyeliner recommended to me when I went to Shopper’s Drug Mart, and I’m glad they did.  The felt tip applicator is on the longer side, which allows for an easy application, especially for the winged eyeliner look.  I LOVE felt tip liquid eyeliners.  I find them extremely easy to apply.  I’ve tried the brush tip ones, and it was a lot harder to apply, even for me (and I wear liquid eyeliner everyday).  It also comes out dark and pigmented, which is how a liquid eyeliner should be!  The only con would be that it didn’t last me a long time.  I would say about a month of wearing it everyday.  They do recommend that you store the liner “tip down” to get the optimal use out of it.  I didn’t do that with mine, so I guess we’ll see this next time around (just bought my second one).
I was previously using Maybelline’s Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner.  I was using that for the longest time.  However,  I can’t say I liked it at all.  It would always smudge on me!  Probably due to the fact that I have very oily skin/eyelids.  It would start off nice and dark, but it would soon fade away.  I guess I was just too lazy to experiment and look for a new liquid eyeliner, so I just stuck with it for years.  I did try some other drug store brands, with no luck.

Here’s a little tip that I like to do when applying eyeliner.  It might be a little extra work, but I find that I like the final result much better.  I like to use pencil liner first to get in between my lashes, and on my top waterline.  I do this because if I use liquid liner it gets all over my eyelashes.  Then when I apply mascara, it sometimes can be clumpy/uneven.  I then use a black eyeshadow to go over the pencil liner to set it to avoid smudging before going over with liquid to darken and sharpen up the line.  I’m currently using Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero.

How to do the double winged eyeliner look:
To get the double winged look, first you want to draw your eyeliner along your top lash line.  When you reach the outer corner of your eye, you should continue the line downwards slightly following the natural line of  your lid.

Then about half a centimeter up from the end of the line, draw a second winged line.  I guess this gives the illusion of more eyelashes? Hehe

Line your bottom water line with pencil liner.  I like to connect the bottom line to the lower top line.

Curl your lashes and add mascara and the look is complete!  I like the way it makes my eyes look more flirty.

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