Riven Cosplay Custom Order: Video Tutorial Coming Soon

Hello Everyone,

I recently finished a Riven Cosplay order requested by someone who saw CuteSauce’s Riven Video. Since we’ve had many question about the Riven Cosplay, I’ve made a series of detailed videos. I wanted to upload a video today but it’s taking a long time to record and process.  I should have the first part up by this week, for now I will show you the end result of the order I finished.

Here is the finished leg armor piece:

This is the finished shoulder piece:

The finished arm armor piece. I’ve had some issues with this piece but I’ll discuss it in the video:

The best for last, the finished Riven sword:

I’ve asked permission to show the making of the props and she has allowed me to share it with you! I should have the first video in 4 days. Hopefully I won’t run into any problems then. My voice is actually quite embarrassing on recording so I’m also trying to get the hang of that. Its a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Hang tight! I will have the detailed tutorial soon.


6 thoughts on “Riven Cosplay Custom Order: Video Tutorial Coming Soon

    • Ah thanks XD. They are a bit bigger and stretched out since the girl that ordered is 5″11! She’s a lot taller than you!

      She also requested an all silver arm piece so thats def different than yours.

  1. You’re voice is embarassing? 0.o

    Perhaps you’re not used to hearing it when it’s not coming from you. 🙂 I think I sound funny when I hear recordings of my voice too.

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