Rosy Buy! Fossil Mini Dylan Watch

Hello hello!

I bought my first feminine watch last week! The last watch I bought was very boyish and I wanted it to match with my boyfriend’s, and now I realize it was WAY huge, my wrist was like , “yo for real”…now I actually don’t know where I stowed it.

Anyway! The watch I bought is from Fossil, it is the Mini Dylan Watch in Rose.

Now I don’t know if rose gold watches are a thing now or I’m late to the party about this or whatever, but I see a lot of brands selling them! Unfortunately, oversized watches are also a thing too, and I have really tiny wrists so Fossil was pretty much the only place I found watches that fit me.

Below is the glamour shot of the watch on the Fossil website, compared to the watch in real life.


The glamour shot doesn’t actually show much of how the watch looks like in real life – I actually didn’t like this watch until I found it in the store! That’s why you can never trust those pictures of products online…at least for watches!

Fossil watches come with a free tin box that you get to pick out of a collection, and they help to adjust the links of the band right then and there. If you decide that you want to add/remove another link later on, you just have to bring it to a Fossil store and they’ll do it for free for you.

Because I came from wearing this dark, tomboy-ish watch, I really didn’t want a watch that was blinging with crystals/rhinestones, and not even a shiny band, which is hard to come by because usually stainless steel bands are chromed up. This was probably one of the only watches they had in their collection that had a matte band, which I loved! My only complaint is that the band looked slightly more yellow gold than rose gold, but I’m cool with it.

You press the little button on the side of the clasp to open it, and it snaps shut. I kind of wish it had the second buckle bit to secure it!

You’re probably wondering how big this watch is – well, according to the site, the circumference is 175mm. What does that mean in real life? Here’s a more practical representation – the watch face part is about the size of a toonie.

All in all, I love the watch! I’m so glad I didn’t the smaller watches with the shiny bands and opted for a larger watch – no buyer’s remorse, whoopee!

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