Riven Armor Cosplay Video Tutorial: Part 1

Hello Everyone!

As some of you are aware I am doing a series of videos on how to make armor cosplay. I am finally able to upload the first video of my Riven armor tutorial video. Thank you for your patience as it takes longer to record and upload than I thought. This really makes me appreciate  videos even more than I already do! I also wished my voice sounded like hers, sorry about the terrible voice I have recorded. Hopefully I will get better at this and this video helps anyone who was confused about our pervious posts about making cosplay. Here are the final photo results of the video, Part 1 (For video scroll below):

As explained in the video the first part of the tutorial is making the basic shape of the pieces. You need foam board bought from the dollar store, try to get it as cheap as possible. You honestly don’t need high quality foam board or anything like that. As long as when you slice the foam you can see have the paper attached so you can do the contoured parts. Hopefully everything is clear, I didn’t exactly explain everything but rather showed it. Feedback, comments and questions are welcomed. Please don’t hesitate to ask for any help or clarification! It’s my first time attempting one of these things so I’m open to suggestions. Here is the video, Hope you enjoy:

Here is the next part, click here to check it out! If you want to ask any detailed questions please ask below! Please also like our GGG Facebook Page for updates!


16 thoughts on “Riven Armor Cosplay Video Tutorial: Part 1

  1. I know this was probably a while ago, but I’m actually using this tutorial setup for my cosplay… though, I’m having a bit of trouble sizing the support rings for the forearm armor.. any suggestions other than find some random circular object the right size [I’ve searched my house and my friends and nothing is the right size XD ]

  2. Hey Cocoa Loved the Videos you did,Im busy making my own redeemed riven cos-play and I need your help…..I don’t know how to make Riven’s shoulder pad and the mini shield thing on her hand,is it possible to use the 1 cm foam board for that? Im kind a on a budget lol
    or if you could make a quick template sketch if you have the time,that would amazing =^~^=

  3. The video was awesome! I hope you post the sword video soon! Hopefully it’ll help me as I make my sword for Anime fest in 2 weeks!

  4. The videotape makes it easier to understand how you make your stuff. Wow, didn’t realize it took so much work! Great job 🙂

  5. I was blown away by the amount of patience and precision required for every step. The explanations were very thorough. Also, there is no need to feel embarrassed about your voice! Can’t wait to see the next video 🙂

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