Swords, Swords Everywhere

GGG Readers!

Sometimes you might be wondering how some champions are carrying so many items onto battle, or why they’re evening buying them in the first place. Take Ashe for instance – like what does she need all those swords for?

There are a total of 5 items I included, can you spot them all? I should’ve included another one to make 6, aw!

I KNOW, I know, I’m kind of late with this, and it might be overplayed already (there are probably many variations of this out there). But I really wanted to put it on paper because it was really bugging me! So what happens after she fires all of the swords out? I guess she picks them off the dead bodies when they’re dead – oho ho ho ho! Okay I’ll stop now.

I’m working on a similar drawing but with Brand in it! Stay tuned! Don’t forget to “Like” us if you like us! Have a nice day thank you very much!


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