Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Makeup Eyes Closed

Do you prefer wearing mainstream costumes for Halloween? Perhaps you are more familiar with Disney’s Jessica Rabbit than Riot’s Miss Fortune.  Starting today, I will be mixing it up especially for you! Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a film released in 1988. It spawned an SNES game with the same title in 1989. Developed by Rare and published by LJN Toys Inc., the game required players to call a  real phone number to collect hints. It’s hard to remember a time before online walkthroughs!
Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Makeup Eyes Open

In my opinion, Jessica Rabbit is one of Disney’s most glamorous cartoon characters. Her character design is very distinctive. Heavy purple eyelids, pouty red lips, voluminous auburn hair, and drooping eyelashes accentuate her old Hollywood style.  I tried to retain that animated look. My goal was to make the lips and eyes appear two-dimensional yet believable at the same time. The most difficult aspect was changing the upper facial ratios.  My real eyebrows became part of the upper eyelid. The false brows lie at the top of my forehead.

Jessica Rabbit Kiss

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” – Jessica Rabbit


6 thoughts on “Jessica Rabbit Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

  1. I didn’t know who Jessica Rabbit was until my ex told me MF’s secret agent skin looks like her. It was around the same time I checked out the animated short about that MF skin on the summoner showcase. I was like, “I must have eeeet!!!!”

    Great cosplay btw! I like how the lipstick makes your lips fuller when you pucker. XD

    • Hahaha it was throwing off the R/B/G balance during filming so I ended up wearing a bald cap for most of the video. I’m glad that you liked the finished result 🙂

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