Last Summer Outdoor BBQ

Hello GGG Readers!

It’s almost the end of August, and that means Summer time is leaving soon T_T

It does get chilly during the night time, so I don’t wear short-shorts anymore.

My friends and I celebrated this moment with BBQ!

We went full out this time including sirlion beef, pork belly, tiger shrimp, mackerel, five-cheese sausage, spicy sausage, clam. And, we also grilled onions, garlics and kimchi because that’s how Koreans barbecue LOL

Between 6 people, we used two grills at Erindale Park, it’s located near University of Toronto Mississauga.

We were being silly and my friend pretended to be Slenderman with a paper plate in front of his face.

If you guys don’t know who Slenderman is, watch this video: [WARNING: If you’re afraid of the dark or scary stuff, then don’t click]

One of my friend bakes as a hobby and she brought us little treats for dessert.

It’s low-calorie, so it’s not as sweet but I like it how it is. On the plus side, it was homemade.

On a side note, the new patch 1.0.4 is now available on Diablo 3, followed by the Paragon system.

So, if you’re level 60 and bored of the game, keep playing! You’ll be reaching to paragon level which is available until 100. Challenging enough?

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