Funtime This Weekend, Guaranteed!

Heyoooo GGG Readers, happy happy Friday!

You may already have some wicked awesome plans for the weekend already, officially ending the summer with a bang! Here are some cool, cool things you should check out if you’ve got time on the weekend, or the next (long weekend!).

Want to go out?

FanExpo: August 23 – 26, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

It might not be a great idea to meander down to Toronto to try and get a ticket at the door and get in – most of the people planning to go probably has tickets well in advance! You know the deal! Biggest gathering of comic book, sci-fi, horror, a little bit of everything in Toronto every year! Unfortunately I’ve only gone once so far, there were way too many people there and I heard they had issues fitting everyone who had 3 day passes into the convention one year!

All in all, I’m sure it’s a blast every year!

Chilling with friends?

Gloom Card Game: The objective is to make your characters’ lives as miserable as possible before killing them off. If that did not sell the game for you then I don’t know what will.

It is a card game, and you try to make as many negative events happen to your characters’ family to accumulate negative amount of points (for once, it’s not good to get a high score!). The original set of cards can played by up to 5 people, but there are actually a lot of expansion packs for this card game – I’m surprised it’s so popular and I’ve only recently discovered it through a friend!

I played it once, I’m planning to play it again tonight with a couple of my friends – can’t wait, it’s super fun!

Staying at home?

Guild Wars 2: Headstart on August 25th if you have pre-purchased the game already! Go and explore 3 days before the rest of them suckers, bwa ah ah!

I’m still deciding on what class I want to be. I’m leaning towards Ranger I think? I also remember Engineers being really fun to play…argh! Decisions!

Still staying at home?

Sleeping Dogs: LOVE IT! GO PLAY IT!

I’ve only been able to play it for an hour, and I am hooked, I can’t wait to get back into the game, get back into the streets of Hong Kong as some tough triad man. You get to drive a minibus, what more could you ask for!?

Maybe I’m biased because I’m from Hong Kong, and I’m amazed at all the little details that I’m familiar with in game because they’re real! Only an hour in, I’m going to say that this will probably be one of my favourite games of all time – I’m a sucker for open world sandbox-y games like these.

I love the cantonese (and slang, heh) in it. Sometimes the phrases in the dialogue are kind of cheesy, but when you’re running around fighting, or you bump into someone when you’re walking…people be calling you PKs everywhere you go, how nice! 😀 Sorry for the language.

Anyway, hope you’re planning to check one of these out already, or have already played – whatever floats your boat, just have a great weekend! 8D

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4 thoughts on “Funtime This Weekend, Guaranteed!

    • No problem!
      Yup yup, actually everything was in Canto as far as I’ve been playing, and of course there’s the English with the heavy Chinese accents 😀

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