Adorable “Living” Game: Glitch

Hey GGG Readers!

There’s a game that I was absolutely in love with maybe a year or so ago when it first game out, it was called “Glitch” – you might have heard about it before, or maybe you’re hearing about it the first time! I just wanted to share it with you because although I’ve moved onto other games right now (Guild Wars 2), I like to log on from time to time to check out new updates and how animals are doing.

I thought the best part of Glitch was the fact that it was purely a browser-based game, all you needed was Flash installed and internet and you’re good to go – no need to worry about having to install it wherever you are – you just go to and you’re good to go!

Glitch is like a farming, “living” kind of game where there isn’t really an end game goal – you just play it however you want to play it. By that, I mean there’s a huge skill tree – and you can excel in whatever you’re interested in doing…or learn all of them if you got time! LOL

One thing that I LOVED was the funny dialogue in-game, as well as in your skill descriptions. Here’s a snapshot of what one of the skills look like – this one is under the “Animal Kinship” tree where you specialize in being able to squeeze chickens/nibble pigs/milk butterflies (wut) more as your skill gets higher.

For those of you who like to customize your character (I know I do!), you are able to customize what you look like as well as buy pretty clothes for your Glitch!

That is me up there with a sushi suit and some badass bunny slippers! Unfortunately a majority of the clothes you have to pay money for or is for free if you have a subscription to the game – I think new users are all given 100 credit when they first start off, so you’re still able to buy a couple of things! A sushi suit man, I was SOLD.

In-game time! What does it look like in-game! This game is a side-scrolling game, with little directional posts to move into the next street. You have a bar at the bottom for all your inventory, and on the right hand side that I forgot to include is a chat area as well as shortcuts to teleporting to areas or going to your own home.

This is me in my home! Everyone gets a home – though I preferred it back then when you had to purchase your own home through Glitch’s house listings, it felt like a real estate market haha, so competitive! You also have the options to upgrade and pretty up your home  – right now mine is a bit run-down.

World map local maps below:

Various in-game activities, chicken squeezing, pig nibbling, you know! Oh right, you can also name these animals, even if they’re the ‘public’ ones that roam the streets…or capture them to put back in your home! Bwa ah ah!

I could keep going with more things that you can do (I haven’t even covered the different equipments and food you can make and furniture and EVERYTHING!), but it’s better if you just go in and check it out for yourself, see if you like it!

It seems a bit overwhelming at first because of all the skills you can go into, but it’s a cute little game that you can go back to whenever you’d like! This is one of those games that have a special place in my heart, and I know I’ll probably pick it back up to play after a couple years!

Anyhoo, thanks for reading! Show us some love, as always – “Like” us if you like us 🙂 Feel free to ask me more questions about the game or leave some feedback before you leave!


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