Riven Sword Cosplay Video Tutorial: Part 5

Hello Everyone!

Here is my video tutorial Part 5! In this video I’m using the Fast Mache to plaster the prop up. This makes it durable and creates an armor like appearance. It’s really nice to paint on and makes a prop durable. Make sure to apply a layer around .5mm to 1 cm thick. It needs around a full day to dry and make sure it is completely dry before painting. If you want to have more information about the Fast Mache I used please see my previous post about using Activa’s Fast Mache for cosplay props.

It’s pretty much the same step as Part 4 but applied on the sword. I was thinking about not showing this step since it’s pretty straight forward but I know some people probably would want to see it anyways. So, here it is!

 Next video I will plaster the armor smooth and paint it up! There will probably be 1 or 2 more videos and it will be finished! . If you want to ask any detailed questions please ask below! Please also like our GGG Facebook Page for updates!

4 thoughts on “Riven Sword Cosplay Video Tutorial: Part 5

  1. Interesting warning about the foam not drying when the fast mache is too thick. Your videos are always so informative 🙂

    • Ah thanks XD. There are so many other stuff to say but sometimes forget to say it. I think I’m getting better with each video. Hopefully some day mine will be as good as yours!

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