Guild Wars 2: Ranger Pet Collection!

Hey everyone!

So I’ve been immersed into the Guild Wars 2 world as a ranger these couple weeks, and I just wanted to show you guys a couple of the pets that I have in my collection so far.

I don’t know about you, but when I first opened up the Pet Management screen and saw this, it was all GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL, POKEMON! and the funny thing is, when you switch between two pets, my character actually says, “I choose you!” LOL

So from this screenshot here, there are a possible 39 different pets that you can tame with a press of a button (literally). No need to beat them until they’re at low health for them to obey you – you go to the area that you will be able to find a “Juvenile” version of them and press F, or whatever key you set your Tame action to. Then VOILA THEY ARE YOURS! 😀

I used this link to find most of my pets – the maps really help to make it easier!

The pets match your level no matter when you tame it, so you don’t have to spend time trying to level up different pets to use. I was SO freaking glad about this because I didn’t want to have to grind for long long times just so I can use it.

One downside I found was that you’re not allowed to control what skill you can cast, you only have one and the other 3 are cast whenever your pet feels like. Sometimes your pets are dumb, and cast the wrong things at the wrong time.

Below are the 2 pets that I use regularly! The polar bear and the… pig.

My polar bear is my main and I use it for tanking – there are a couple more types of bears but I generally liked all the “wintery” animals, so I went with the polar bear 😀 It’s got a bit more attach power than my starting Brown Bear pet (you can see its stats later in the post). The cast-able skill is a roar that chills all nearby foes, slowing their movement down.

This pig, why am I even using this?

Honestly, it’s just because it’s adorable 🙂 it’s funny walking around with a pig beside you. This pig was actually pretty useful at times because it headbutts enemies and knocks them down! I wish it was a bit more tankier, but it’s okay. It’ll do. The pig, as well as all the other boar pets (I think), have the amazingly useless cast-able skill of going off and finding impromptu weapons for you. I never use it, I just let it do its headbutting thing, it works out.

Here are the rest of the pets that I like and want to point out – I’ve put the screenshot of what they look like as well as their stats – they’re only level 53 stats so it’s not the end game final numbers, but it gives you an idea of how the ratios are between the attack, vitality, precision, etc.

Also at the bottom of the window, where I charmed it so you can go to that area and catch yourself one as well!

Arctodus – Half wolf half bear?

Brown Bear – My human starter pet

Fern Hound


Owl – It’s Hedwig! Hahahhaa

Pink Moa – also known as a Flamingo

White Moa

Snow Leopard

Shark. A SHARK.

Pets are divided into Terrestrial (land pets), Amphibious (land & water) and Aquatic (water). So water pets will only appear when you jump into water. You can have a Shark as a pet, and  jellyfish. Too awesome!!

Hope you found those screenshots and this post helpful! I personally like to see what pets look like because I go look for them, but they’re easy to obtain and are all free so I’m not too picky!

Let me know if you have any questions, feedback, anything!

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3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2: Ranger Pet Collection!

  1. Lol, I understand the “gotta catch em all!” sentiment all too well. I did the same thing back when I played WoW.

    OMG A SHARK?!?!? Water pets are the best IMO! XD

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