My Arm Candy of the Day

Hey guys! As you all already know, I’ve been really into accessories lately. Below, is what I usually wear for my daily arm candy. It has a very casual look and I feel like it’s suitable with any outfit I wear.

  • Orange, coral beaded bracelet is from China
  • White, rope-braid bracelet is a gift from my friend when on vacation in Punta Canta
  • Leather Pandora bracelet with Buddha and turtle charm
  • Ring from Aldo

For those who are wondering what nail polish I used, I used the Maybelline Express Finish in the Peachy Petal, which is a pink, coral colour. This nail polish is actually Cute Sauce’s, but she let me use it. I fell in love with the colour at first sight. This nail polish will need at least 2 coats to get that solid, amplified look. It also dries fairly quickly. My only downside to this is at times, it did not apply evenly on my nail. Overall, I would definitely use this nail polish again because the colour is on point!


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