Shining Beacons of Light of my Internet

Helloooo GGG Readers!

I’ve been caught up in some super tight deadline assignments these days, and it’s reminded me of how useful some of these links I’ve collected over the years has been for me when I needed to get something done but I wasn’t on my computer, or even when I wasn’t…they were just really nice to have! – the free online version of Photoshop – personally, this is so 10/10!

Sometimes some of us don’t want to go through the trouble of installing Photoshop on our computers when we just want to be able to do simple things with our photos but a step higher than MS Paint. Pixlr is your man. It literally looks like Photoshop, all you need is Java (I think) and internet, and you’re good to go!

They have 3 versions of Pixlr – a basic Photoshop, a more complex Photoshop, and one that plays with filters and vintage effects on our photos.

Dropboxcloud storage, access your files anywhere

The good thing is, you don’t even need to download the Dropbox software – just uploading through is fine! Great place to store files that you need to access anywhere or if you don’t like emailing yourself files all the time.

Rasysa – enormous collection of current hairstyles from Japan

For me to actually sort of navigate through this site – I always relied on my Google Chrome to pop up the “Do you want to translate this site to English?” and I click Yes. It’ll give me a gist of what the hell I’m clicking at. I don’t know about you – but I always need to bring a picture of how I want my hair to look so I know that the hair stylist and I will 100% be on the same page. Super useful, beautiful hairs! My only sigh about this is that there are so many wavy hairstyles, I am too lazy to regularly curl my hair for those looks LOL

Here’s what the navigation kind of looks like once you translate it – there’s a lot of variety, but the english also doesn’t make sense. So please go through the site when you have ample time to kill! 😀

And what else? Everyone’s got their go-to site for desktop wallpapers – here’s mine:

WallpapersWide.comhigh resolution, mostly widescreen wallpapers

Let me know if you have other wallpaper sites that would be better! No lie, I bookmarked this site instantly when I saw what popped up for stormtrooper wallpapers. Look at them.

Honorable mention: japanese Flash-based photo sharing site

This is one of those sites that I log back into from time to time, but unfortunately I don’t have enough nice pictures to upload onto my own gallery – but I love the interface and the controls, and just the general look of this particular photo gallery site. Maybe if I took up photography more I’d be able to do this site more justice! Feel free to check this site out sometime!

That concludes my list so far! Hope you’ve found this helpful, and bookmarked one or two of them 🙂

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