ACNE EXPLOSION with Skin79 Super Triple Functions SPF 50 BB Cream

This summer, my face erupted with violent cystic acne and I believe that the culprit was Skin79 Super BB Triple Functions SPF50+ PA +++ cream.

Here’s a quick rundown of the suspected criminal:

Sanitary pump dispenser
SPF 50 (excellent sun protection)
Heavy coverage

Grayest oxidation that I have EVER seen in a product
Face appears ghostly white in photos
“Dewy” finish becomes “oily” fairly quickly
Must be applied to neck
Difficult to remove completely from every skin pore
Does not come with lip/cheek stain like the Oriental Gold Skin 79 BB cream
Does not come with mirror like the Oriental Gold Skin 79 BB cream
May cause violent cystic acne (from my personal experience)
May cause acne scars in severe cases

I was extremely disappointed. Skin79’s BB creams generally receive rave reviews. The orange version supposedly “makes skin bright and smooth, strengthens skin’s overall protection capacity and blocks melanin formation while giving elasticity to sagging skin.” I cannot confirm or deny the anti-aging claims. However, “bright and smooth” translated to “pasty ash gray” despite my naturally pale skin. I gave this BB cream a shot on multiple occasions! Sadly, I consistently broke out the day after each trial.

This month I purchased Make Up Forever’s HD liquid foundation. It was quite pricey so I have only worn it a twice. Have you tried any Skin79 or Make Up Forever products? What was your experience?


5 thoughts on “ACNE EXPLOSION with Skin79 Super Triple Functions SPF 50 BB Cream

  1. I use Skin79’s Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm. I love it. Been using it for years. It’s supposed to be for more oily skin. It hasn’t made me break out, and my skin is super acne prone.
    I’ve tried the Missha bb cream, and I broke out like crazy.
    Everyone’s different I guess.

  2. I’ve tried Skin79 and never had any luck, I’ve also got sensitive skin and it can make my skin pretty icky. The best BB cream that I’ve found is definitely Missha, I’m extremely pale so the number 13 is perfect for me, have you tried Missha?

    • I’ve heard of Missha from some YouTube gurus. After I use up my current foundation, I’ll try to buy some! Thanks for the advice.

  3. Sorry for your disappointment :(. I find products like skin care depend on the person. I hate when I see really good reviews for something but then it doesn’t work for me. I hope you find something that works for you!

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