Sushi Couture

Hey guys!

I’m a big fan of sushi and love finding new and awesome places to eat sushi. Sushi Couture is located close to Korea town in Toronto. Although this one isn’t new (I’ve been there quite a number of times), I love going back there because of the quality of the fish and the amount of food you get is pretty worth it for the price haha. I usually find myself not quite full from omakase menus but Sushi Couture manages to fill me up XD.

Most of the stuff they serve in the omakase can be found on their normal a la carte menu, but of course if you add up all the prices, it is cheaper to get the omakase. They also recently raised the prices at the beginning of September. The omakase meal used to be $39/person and is now $49/person =(. The menu is obviously also changed from when it was $39 but I personally don’t feel that it justifies the increase of $10 in price =S.

The meal started off an appetizer plate that consisted of some sort of clam (sorry forgot the type), grilled eggplant, and stuff peppers.

You can let the chef know if you prefer not to eat certain things, for me it was any sort of clams and uni so i had tempura vegetables instead of the clam.

They recommended a special sushi wine to us that we decided to try with our meal. I felt that it complimented the courses pretty well =)

Next up was the sashimi course.

Since I don’t eat uni, I got butter fish instead of uni and ikura.

Next were the sushi courses. We had 4 people in our party so it was 1 piece of sushi for each type. And since I already had butter fish in my sashimi meal, I got an eel sushi instead of butter fish sushi for one of the types.

Then it was the cooked course. The others received a seared scallop with shrimp and mushrooms. Since I had said I didn’t eat clams, the chef thought I don’t eat scallops either so I got miso glazed black cod served on a bed of tempura fried noodles. I do eat scallops but it was nice that I got to try 2 different things since I stole a little bit of my friends’s portions XD.

Next are rolls. I think the number of rolls depends on the size of your party, since we had 4 people, we got 4 rolls. There were 2 normal rolls (ones you can probably find anywhere) and 2 more unique rolls that the chef probably came up with.

The last course is of course dessert. We got green tea cheese cake, it was super yummy =)

Compared to my last review of an omakase restaurant Sushi Kaji, Sushi Couture is definitely more economical and will fill you up more for a cheaper price haha. However, Sushi Couture doesn’t serve the traditional Japanese dishes like Sushi Kaji and there were also more expensive sushi/sashimi served at Sushi Kaji.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking to impress a girl who likes Japanese food =). Compared to many western restaurants, this is pretty well priced and has more of that wow factor that a tasting menu offers when you take someone out to a date ;).

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And here’s a super cute pic of Ninja! It’s so hard to take a picture of her when she’s awake so most of my pictures of her are when she’s sleeping =__=.


9 thoughts on “Sushi Couture

  1. OMG! The sushi looks so yummy…. Good thing I read this after lunch, or else my stomach would be picking a fight with me right about now. XD

    Oh yeah and,

    “most of my pictures of her are when she’s sleeping”

    Just a tad creepy. It’s ok cuz it’s a cat, huh? XD

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