Heavy Rain Review

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Here’s a game my boyfriend and I tried over a year ago at first as a demo. He and I enjoyed it so much that we decided to rent it from Blockbuster (I wish Blockbuster were still around). It’s called Heavy Rain created by Quantic Dream. This is an interactive drama psychological RPG thriller exclusive to PS3.

What intrigued me most was it’s storyline. I again, will leave spoilers out for those of you who wish to play.


Heavy Rain is a single-player game. The player plays one out of four characters at a time where the character can interact with objects within their environment and with other non-player characters. Each choice that is played by the player may result in change of the storyline in later scenes. It is possible with the decisions made that a character may be lost throughout the game, i.e. death. The controls are fairly simple. Most of the time the player is provided four separate thoughts to choose from which may help aid the character to move forward in the game. There are also fighting scenes where if the player is too late to follow the controls may result in another outcome.

Opening Storyline

 The game opens with Ethan Mars and his family preparing a birthday party for his eldest son, Jason. Ethan, his wife, and two sons (the youngest Shaun) go to the mall. There, Ethan loses track of Jason resulting in Jason’s death from oncoming traffic. Ethan in turn is wounded from severe injury from his attempt to save his son and collapses into a coma. After his coma, Ethan suffers from depression and blackouts that last for several hours. Two years after the accident it is concluded that Ethan and his wife are separated and him and his other son, Shaun are estranged. Ethan and Shaun go to the park and Ethan falls into a blackout. Upon waking up, Ethan finds that Shaun is missing.

An ongoing investigation for a serial killer known as “Origami Killer” becomes the number one suspect for Shaun’s disappearance.  The “Origami Killer” kidnaps boys who are found days later dead by drowning with an origami figure close to the body and an orchid on his chest. The “Origami Killer” drowns his victims by caging them underground and allowing the rainfall to completely submerge the child. It is soon realized that Shaun only has three days to live. It is up to Ethan and a few other characters to find Shaun before it’s too late!


Heavy Rain has four playable characters. Each connected to the investigation of Shaun’s disappearance. The player can control each character at one time interacting with the environment and other characters around them.

 Ethan Mars 

Ethan Mars is father to Jason and Shaun Mars and husband to Grace Mars. Ethan’s son Jason was killed to years earlier in a car accident. Ethan, upon attempting to save his son, falls into a coma then suffers from agoraphobia and depression. Ethan becomes estranged to both his wife and other son, Shaun. Shaun goes missing and Ethan learns that he is the next victim of the “Origami Killer”. To save his son he must go through stages: danger, suffering, brutal suffering, murder and sacrifice.

 Madison Page

Madison is a journalist who suffers from insomnia and nightmares. She sometimes checks into motels to help ease her insomnia and it is here where she meets Ethan. They become very fond of each other intimately and sexually. Madison soon finds herself helping Ethan to find his son and becomes a vigilante herself.

 Norman Jayden

Norman is an FBI agent assisting the police in the investigation of the “Origami Killer”. To help improve the success of his investigation he has these augmented reality glasses which keeps evidence in file upon it. He also suffers from a drug addiction.

 Scott Shelby

Scott is a private investigator currently investigating the “Origami Killer”. He suffers from asthma. He is later approached by Madison to help aid in the whereabouts of Shaun Mars.


The ending varies depending on the player’s past choices. Again, I will not give any spoilers away but the player will find a sad and heartfelt story that will tie together the origins of the “Origami Killer”

My rating: 9/10

My only suggestion of improvement with this game would be better calibration with the controls. Sometimes, when pressing a button for an action the game is too sensitive and will not render the action chosen.

I hope you get to play and if you do or have already let me know what you think 🙂

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