Chuseok/ Mid Autumn Festival

Hello GGG Readers!

September 29th, 30th and October 1st was Mid-Autumn aka. Chuseok (추석) in Korean and aka. 秋夕 in Chinese.

It’s a festival to celebrate well-grown grains & vegetables, etc. In Korea, it’s a 3-day holiday so that means no school or work, but too bad this year it was on the weekend so people were raging.

We mainly eat song-pyun (송편)

It’s rice cake with either honey & sesame seeds, or smashed chestnut inside.

There are lots of other foods too, but our family made beef rib stew and bought song-pyun. It’s hard to make rice cake at home cuz it takes a lot of time.

This is why there was Korean Harvest Festival in Toronto in the previous post that I made. Too bad it doesn’t count as holiday in North America cuz it’s for 3 days!!! LOL

ps. COD:MW3 was free last weekend on Steam, I tried it once. I still think BF3 is better because of bigger maps and more players.

And, I’ve been playing bits of L4D2 lately. The net cafe I go to have maps that my account doesn’t have. Unless, I find those public campaigns with new maps.

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