SANS Magazine Photo Shoot

Hi GGG readers,

Myself and some of the other GGG girls recently did a photo shoot for SANS Magazine.  It was ah-mazing~!
Please check out their site as well.  They have tons of great photos and articles.

Click here to see our photo shoot article:  Bubbly Summer Photo Shoot with GGG

Photos by: Alex Hardie
Hair by: Sai Perez

We met Michael Turnbull (Creative Director of SANS Magazine) at this year’s Anime North.  We got to talking, and he invited us to participate in a photo shoot for his online magazine.  The experience was fantastic and a ton of fun!  The shoot consisted of 3 different concepts:  riding a bike, eating ice cream (messily, I must say lol), and brushing our teeth.  For most of us, this was a first time experience, and I have to admit I was a little nervous (and I’m sure the other girls were as well).  However, everyone was super welcoming and it turned out to be a blast!

Please visit the above link to view the full article and gallery of photos.

I’d like to share a few of my favourite shots:


Just another morning brushing our teeth

Check out the other shots of the other girls as well! 

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6 thoughts on “SANS Magazine Photo Shoot

  1. The photos linked here won’t show on my end, but I saw the ones on their website. Is MD not affiliated with GGG anymore? 😦

      • Nooooooooo! 😦

        Well, I hope she won’t be gone permanently. MD, if you happen to read this, thanks for all the entertainment breaks while I’m at work! Good luck in all your future endeavors. 😀

  2. IMO: I loved the photo of you and NinjaBunni3s at the top! super cute XD. I think you guys did great! Looking forward to working with SANS Magazine again! Totally awesome bunch of people!

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