My Halloween Costume

Hi everyone,

After trying on many costumes, and returning costumes, I’ve finally decided on what to be for Halloween this year: A Vampire French Maid!  Haha.

Originally I was going to be Red Riding Hood, and I bought the costume and I still have it, but I think I might save it for another time.  I also bought a pirate costume that was pretty nice, but pricey.  The smallest size they had at the store was Small, and it was wayy to big so I had to return it.

I also bought a french maid costume from Ebay.  I was skeptical however, since I wouldn’t be able to try it on and I didn’t know when it would arrive.  This was why I ended up buying back up costumes (Red Riding Hood).  The french maid costume finally arrived a couple days ago (after about 3 weeks).  I tried it on and loved it! It is said to fit most sizes between XS – Medium.  On me it fits pretty well, except it is a big loose.  I think I’ll just take it in a bit on the sides and it should be perfect.  In addition, the costume is really short.  I’m about 5′ 4″ and it just barely covers my butt.  I’ll also be wearing a white petticoat under neath and lacey white boy shorts.  This should help cover my butt a little.  The costume comes with accessories as well:  head piece, lace arm bands, lace neck piece, fish net thigh high stockings, and black g-sting.  I think the g-string is if you plan to use this as lingerie.  This costume was also extremely inexpensive.  In total with tax and shipping it cost ~$14.00 CAD.
Seller = koolshop88

I also felt like being a french maid for Halloween is so common.  I bet there will be tons of others while I’m out.  I wanted to be a bit different and stand out, so I decided to get vampire fangs as well.  I bought mine from the store “Spirit Halloween” and I bought the Scarecrow Subtle Small Fangs.  As I have a small mouth and teeth, these ones will fit nicely and look more natural.  I’ll try to post a tutorial on how to fit these once I get around to trying it.
I also bought some fake gel blood to add to my vampire look.

I also ordered red contacts from PinkyParadise.

I originally wanted the Vassen Dolly Plus Red lenses, since they have a lot of good reviews, but they were sold out in my prescription.  I ended up going with the Super Pinky Wine Red lenses since they were more natural.  I feel like I would be able to get more uses out of them, than ones that are too vibrant of a red.

Hope you guys enjoyed.  Please feel free to let me know what you think, or if there is anything else I should add to my costume.  I will be sure to take pics once everything arrives.


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