DIY False Lower Eyelashes

Hi GGG Readers,

I want to share with you an easy way to make your own false bottom lashes using regular top false lashes.

I originally wanted to purchase false lower lashes online, but I wouldn’t receive them in time for Halloween.  So I decided to try cutting up an old pair of false top lashes that I’ve never worn.

First you want to take a pair of false lashes that will look good as bottom lashes as well.  I used this pair from “Quo”.

You then cut the lashes into small sections.  You want to vary the length.  You should make sections longer towards the outside corner of your eye, and shorter/smaller towards the center.

Place these along your lower lash line using your eyelash glue.  Place the longer sections towards the outside corner of your eye.  When placing these, you want to have them the opposite direction of your top lashes (curving downwards).  I like to stop approximately mid way along my bottom lash line.

Voila!  You are finished!  Below is a picture showing the difference between one eye with top and bottom lashes vs. my other eye with just mascara.  The false lashes definitely makes a huge difference!

You can also try this with old lashes that are out of shape, and you can no longer wear.

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4 thoughts on “DIY False Lower Eyelashes

    • I believe they are the same brand: Quo.

      I sometimes like to layer my top lashes to get a more natural look. I use one that is less full and natural, and I layer on top of one that is spikey.

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