LoL – ARAM 5 vs 5 play

Hello GGG Readers!

I’ve been playing a lot of LoL lately, which makes behind on my reading schedule. Yes, I read now… I never read any textbook during University, but now… I read… how ironic, eh?

We had 10 people on skype and played together, check out the video below:

It was my first time playing Sona, it’s quite easy. You just button mash and poke, poke, poke. *Note: pay attention to Teemo*

Today, I went to net cafe to play L4D2 but I suggested my friends to play LoL. It was the first time for my one friend to play LoL, but he got caught on quickly because he used to play Dota. Miss Fortune was free, and my friend recommended me to choose her and since we were just playing against AI(bots), I did. I kept stealing kills from my friend which never happens to me because I’m still n00b >_< So, I just chose Malphite later to support him later and gave him all the kills -_-;

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