Umbreon’s Halloween Night 2012

Hello All,

Like all the other GGGirls have been doing, I am posting my Halloween costume! I was hoping to get the tutorial out before Halloween but I’ve been working full time hours with school, and today was the first day off in three weeks O_o. Hopefully it will be useful to others in upcoming events. I don’t have any full body photos or photos of Ninjabunni3s, so I don’t spoil anything. We will be having some photoshoots coming up with these cosplays, so hold tight and you will see the both full costumes.

Anyways, here are my photos of the weekend! I included photos of costumes I liked the best!

I found Ichigo!

Pretty awesome, my favourite costume of Halloween! Easy, but really creative!

The contacts that I used for the costume are called Diamond Contacts. I got them from Pmall. I’m sure you can find some online if you look around. They are really nice, but they aren’t noticeable in some photos. In person I really liked how they looked!

That’s it! I have more photos, but they are all with Ninjabunni3s XD.  I’ll let Ninjabunn3s post them so I don’t spoil her costume!

Hope everyone had an awesome Halloween! Stay tuned for the tutorial and full photos of our costumes!


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