Psy in Toronto

Hello GGG Readers!

Guess what? Psy came to Toronto at Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch to do some performances.

Free entrance, free pop/juice/red bull, free coat check, and goodies (candy) were handed out in the end since the day after was Halloween – all compliments from Samsung.

We saw some people dressed up as Psy, and they did dance competition and few people were upgraded to VIP at the spot.

First, Psy sang ‘Champion’, then ‘Right Now” and for the grand finale ‘Gangnam Style’.

I took videos of his performances, check out my personal youtube channel for other songs as well.

Sorry about the shakiness and/or standing from far. I didn’t want to get bumped into strangers.

Psy mentioned he will be holding a concert in Toronto in January 2013. Anyone excited to hear that?

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