Plants vs Zombies Nails

Rarrrr GGG fans,

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Here’s another nail design, of course. Took me about 3 hours for this nail design. The most difficult design was the zombie. I’m not very happy with the way he turned out. He doesn’t look exactly like the zombies in Plants vs Zombies but it still turned out alright.

1.  Apply a base/top coat before applying the colour base coat. Allow base to dry.

I chose a cyan blue colour to represent the sky in the game Plants vs Zombies. You’ll find that eventually I changed the ring finger to an aquamarine base coat as I found once I started painting the zombie the skin colour of the zombie lost focus.

2.  Forefinger: Using a large dotting tool, dot the base of the head for the peashooter with a lime green nail polish. Extend the dot to create a spout with a nail art detail brush. Paint the stem and leaf on top of its head with using dark green nail polish and nail art detail brush.

With a small dotting tool, apply black nail polish dots for the eyes. Allow to dry. Once dried, with using a smaller dotting tool or a nail art detail brush dot white nail polish in the corners of the eyes.

With a nail art detail brush and black nail polish, paint a skinny oval in the spout for the plant’s mouth. Using a french brush, dry brush white nail polish on the top of the peashooter’s head.

3.  Middle finger: Using a medium-sized dotting tool, dot lime green nail polish closer to the right of the finger. Once the dot is dried, apply a white curve to the top of the dot to create a 3D effect. With a nail art mini striper brush, streak three lines with lime nail polish away from the dot.

4.  Ring finger: Ensure that your base coat is a lighter colour so that the zombie’s skin colour is more visual. Paint only the zombie’s head onto the ring finger.

5.  Thumb: Design the body of the zombie.

I wanted to separate the zombie’s head and body on two fingers so when playing around the head can “fall off” the body lol.

6.  Pinky: With a french brush manicure lime green along the body of your finger. Using a nail art detail brush line dark green nail polish vertically. Dot the flower with using dotting tools.

7.  Apply clear top coat.

There you have it! Another successful nail art design 😀

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“I’m okay with being unimpressive, I sleep better.” – Peter Sarsgaard, Garden State


6 thoughts on “Plants vs Zombies Nails

    • Oh thank you so much for thinking so. I may be sometimes a little too much of my own critic but I’m so happy that it still appeals to more than just myself 🙂

    • Haha thanks so much. Maybe one day I could steal one of your drawings and draw it on my nails 😉 lol with your permission, of course!

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