Sansotei Ramen

Hello GGG Readers!

My friend from Michigan came up to Canada for the holidays because she’s originally from Toronto. We planned to go to Kinton Ramen, but on the way there we spotted Sansotei Ramen so we just walked in.

The place is cozy just like other ramen places, their menu was very simple. We ordered Tonkontsu Ramen, Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen, gyoza (dumplings) and zangi (deep fried chicken).

Their bowl looked small, but the amount was just perfect considering that everyone was satisfied (full) in the end.

It’s located near Dundas St. and Bay St. (downtown Toronto) we saw on the way while we were walking west from Yonge St.

I recommend it, it helps you decide quick because there’s only four kinds of ramen.

Also, it gave you a whole egg instead of half like other ramen places so that’s a plus.

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