Homemade Christmas Cards

Hi there GGG carollers,

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Here are some Christmas cards that I made for my family, my boyfriend’s family and my bestfriend about two Christmases ago. There’s not much of a tutorial as they’re very simple and I’m sure that you could make yours just as creative 🙂 I hope you like!




Media: foam sheets

You can create 3D effects by gluing foam sheet pieces on top of one another.

For Santa, I glued a small paper “accordion” under his sleigh so when you move the sleigh it bounces! I also glued black thread from the sleigh to the reindeer.

Paper Accordion

Here is an example of a paper accordion.



Sorry about the terrible pictures. These were the only pictures I could find of the final product.

To cover the background of the card, I gently glued light blue tissue paper and painted white dots to represent snow fall and painted tiny trees above the hills.

For the snow background, I pasted white glitter fabric and painted the hill lines with light blue paint.


To cover the background of the card, I pasted dark blue bristol board then dry brushed the moon and the snow following Santa and the reindeer.


The night and hay background were made out of cardboard. I painted shadows of hills and snowfall and simply dry brushed the yellow and orange for the hay.

102Here are the final three Christmas cards that I made for my boyfriend’s family. I made identical cards for my family except for the one’s with the children I only made two kids as shown earlier as my sister – at the time –  only had two children.

112This was a Christmas card that I painted for my best friend. I first outlined Stitch onto paper and then pasted the paper onto a dark blue foam sheet. I cut out Stitch then painted him. To cover the background of the card, I again used tissue paper then with a gold marker outlined the sides.

I hope that you enjoyed my Christmas cards! Happy holidays all!!

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“Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.” – It’s A Wonderful Life


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