First Impression of Nami, the Tidecaller

Hey LoL fans,

Today I played Nami, the Tidecaller since it just came out. At first I had trouble getting used to her Q. It takes a while for it to land, but when it does it can be a huge game change stun. Her W is really strong for DMG trades. You should try to cast it on the enemy first as much as possible since it bounces back to allies to heal them. The E is pretty strong too, but I find I have to remind people that it slows on basic attacks when I cast it on them. If they use it, it becomes very strong. The ult is very slow. Every time I cast it I felt like it took forever to reach the enemy champion I was aiming for. I think its best to have closer targets for this kind of ult.

I’ve hear mix reviews on Nami, but so far I find her a really fun support to use, with a lot of CC. I think that she can be very useful in some situations. You do have to be careful with her because I find he quite squishy. I build her with philosopher stone, lucky pick and cool down boots and then start building into basic support items. I choose CD boots because I find her spells have a long cool down. I wanted to show a video but it seems that my LoL replay isn’t working properly. Here is a video of the champion spotlight instead:

A friend of mine also told me about the new champ coming afterwards! She looks pretty cool I wonder if I should cosplay as her instead of Diana. Check out the teaser for the next champion to come out:

I also heard that there was the new Katarina skin that riot decided to cancel. It’s called Slay Belle Katarina. I heard it was because of the candy cane that comes down when she recalls. I can kind of see why people are complaining, but I thought it would be worse. It’s not that provocative as it could have been, I think its nice to have something different. We’ll see if Riot changes this skin, I kind of hope they don’t:

Hope that all of you are enjoying the new League of Legends!


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