Steam Game: Don’t Starve

Hey Gamers,

I wanted to post a video of the making of our Espeon and Umbreon cosplay, but I got food poisoning and I’m still recovering DX. I don’t think my voice would sound very good trying to explain everything. So instead of posting that, I’m posting about a new steam game I got!

SteamGameIt’s on sale, so now is the time to get it! I got it free from someone because when you buy a copy you also get a free copy to give as a gift. It is still in beta, so it could be buggy, but I haven’t noticed any weird gliches.


It’s a single player  survival game. When you start the game you are basically stranded on an island and have to collect things. It kind of reminds me of Minecraft or Terraria, except it is way harder to survive. The item recipe list is on the left side and your stomach and heart is on the right. There is a daytime and a nighttime so you have to build a camp fire at night time or else you can be attacked by things.

CampFireYou also cook things on the camp fire so you can eat them. There are actually a lot of ways to die! I think it’s kind of interesting that there are a lot of ways to die, but some stuff you don’t expect. I have yet to die from starvation! You can’t camp too close to spider nests or else they come at night time and attack  you.

SpiderAttackIf you get enough different items you can build other different things, such as a science machine. I have build one, as you can see in the above photo, but I died soon after that, so I wasn’t able to explore it too much. New item recipes are available when you make it (kind of like a crafting table in Minecraft). There are different types of islands that I went to. At the edge of each island I have found a road to a different type of island.  So far I’ve wandered different islands and died on each one DX.DifferentPathsThere are a lot of different creatures you encounter and different ways to die. I will tell you to avoid the monster meat, because that was the most annoying way to die -_-. The longest I have lived is 10 days and I was able to unlock a new character with different abilities.

DifferentCharacterOverall I give this game a 8/10. I think this game is pretty enjoyable on those days that you want to relax or pass time. I passes time a lot faster than I thought it would. It’s interesting to see the different things that happen and different ways to die! I don’t want to spoil any surprises so I won’t say much more, but try this game if you like indie, spooky, single player games!

Hopefully I will be able to post stuff on YouTube next week. Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Steam Game: Don’t Starve

  1. Oh wow you got this~ I was attracted to the art style of the game but I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not so I kinda skipped it. It sounds fun though haha… I’m gonna check if there is a demo.

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