Tweeria, First Impression

Hi everyone~

I’ve recently found out about this game called Tweeria, its tagline being “Lazy Twitter RPG”. As the name suggests, you “play” this game by using Twitter. As you tweet, your character will wander around the world of Tweeria and hunt monsters, destroy other players in PVP, do dungeon runs, kill bosses, and loot sweet items and gold.


Main page of Tweeria.



My profile page.

There are three alliances you can choose from, each with two races.

North Expansion: undead and faceless
Human Alliance: humans and elves
Free Tribes: orcs and trolls

The classes you can choose from are mage, hunter, and warrior. I’ve chosen faceless mage. I guess these are like shape shifters since my character portrait changes from time to time, haha~ You can read more about races and lore on the Tweeria blog.

Another feature worth mentioning is that you can create your own custom spells, craft items, and submit character artwork. However, all of this is moderated so you can’t make overpowered items or spells.


There’s also a raid system (you can find a list of raids under “Events” on the menu). Unlike dungeons, which your character will wander in automatically, you need to join raids manually and they give you better look. Each raid will last about an hour and during that time, the tweets you make will determine the outcome of the raid.

Overall and from what I have experienced so far, Tweeria is quite fun for what it is. It’s one of those things you keep in the background. I don’t actively have to think about it and go on with my life and come back to check out my character (hence the tagline). I like the concept though I feel like if I want to power level, I might have to spam tweets like there’s no tomorrow haha~ and I’m sure there are those kinds of players out there but as for me, I’m set on a cruise mode.



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