Bowling on Sunday

Hello GGG Readers!

Christmas is near, are you guys excited? My family doesn’t really ‘celebrate’ Christmas per se, maybe family dinner. But, I think we even skipped that last year. We get lazier every year. So, my plan is to go to a movie with a friend and drink at her house.

Anyways, I just came back from bowling so this post is up-to-date.

bowling bowling2 bowling3


Since I don’t like putting original names on the scoreboard, I tweaked it a little.

Bbang means zero (also can be bread) in Korean, which I named for this girl who said she’s really bad at bowling. Surprisingly, she did good.

Poktanju means mixed alcohol drinks, which I named for this guy who drinks almost everyday.

Anipang is a mobile game name whom I named after a girl whose name is Annie.

Heuk Hyung means a coloured person (yes, black) who is older than us. Don’t think of it as racist, because it was named after an Asian chick. I don’t know why, but she just wanted to be named like that but she ended up changing it to rice. She actually eats a lot of rice, almost like ninjabunni3s because I’ve seen her eat 4 bowls of rice and I heard she ate 7 bowls once in one meal!

Jebi means swallow bird in Korean, which represents me because we did a play once and I acted out as swallow and people call me that sometimes.

Bean pole was named after this guy who always wear bean pole clothes.

Silver dragon came from the meaning of her Korean name. If you say word by word, then it means silver dragon. (This explanation might be confusing to some people, it’s a bit complicated… it’s a Korean thing lol)

And, rich girl came from the play because she acted out as a rich girl in the play.

The bowling price was $7.99 including shoe rental, unlimited play from 9pm to midnight. But we got there after 10pm.

There were more of us, because we took like 5 lanes.

We played two rounds, and silver dragon won with 231 score altogether while the rest of us got 130+

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