Strawberry Santas

Merry Christmas GGG,

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Here’s a simple and fast Christmas dessert that I found on Pinterest. It’s real cute and the kids would really enjoy it! My nieces and nephews sure did!


1. Wash a carton of strawberries and cut off the leaves. Be sure that when removing the leaves from the strawberries to also cut off the part of the strawberry that isn’t ripened so the strawberry is completely red.

2. Slice 1/3 into the strawberry to create a hat.


 3. Put white whipped frosting into a piping bag or you could simply use a Ziplock bag. You could use whipped cream but I find that whipped cream melts quickly.

4. Use two different piping bags. One with a medium-sized piping tip and one with a small piping tip. If you’re using Ziplock bags, simply cut the corner of the bags into a medium-sized hole and the other a small hole.


5. Pipe a dollop of icing with using the medium-sized piping tip/hole on the larger part of the strawberry.

6. Place the top of the cut strawberry on the icing as a hat.

7. With the small-sized piping tip/hole bag, pipe two dots on the larger sized strawberry vertically to make buttons and pipe a dot on the tip of the hat to create a cotton ball on the Santa hat.


And there’s your very simple strawberry Santas 🙂

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“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store. – Dr. Seuss


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