Taipei Pictures

Happy New Year everyone!

Taipei was the last destination of my little Asia trip. We went to a hot springs in Beitou and spent around 3 days in Taipei city site seeing and eating. Lots and lots of eating.

IMG_2324View from our room in Beitou. We stayed at Radium Kagaya Hotel in a traditional Japanese style suite with tatami mats.

SAM_2661We were all given yukata to wear XD.

IMG_2314Our stay included a very extensive Japanese meal. This was our dinner menu, it’s in Chinese but as you can see, there were tons of courses…



IMG_2306Pictures of a few of our courses. Everything was super tasty, but there was so much food I had to take a break in between eating >_<

IMG_2313Taking a rest because I was so stuffed lol.

IMG_2317After dinner we went back to the hot springs, but I decided to only soak my feet.

IMG_2331Then we headed off to Taipei after our mid-trip relaxation at the hot springs! Nightmarkets is a MUST at Taipei.

IMG_2332Tons of different kinds of food, snacks, games, and random things to buy.

IMG_2359This was super yummy, it’s deep friend milk!

IMG_2364More food XD.

IMG_2368Can’t leave Asia without getting my nails done…

IMG_2385I decided to get this gel nail set.

IMG_2401Leaving Taipei, we had to stop over in Tokyo, and we were lucky enough to get the Hello Kitty flight!

IMG_2404The plane was so cute, everything was Hello Kitty. I really wanted to take that pillow, but I already had too much stuff to carry =(. My friend took the puke bag as a souvenir though =__=.

That’s it for my Asia trip! I think my favourite part was the hot springs hotel. It was so relaxing and food was really good. We even had a butler to serve our room =O. I definitely wanna go back there again XD.


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