Iron Chef Japanese Steak House

Last week, I went to Iron Chef Japanese Steak House in Mississauga for a get together with some friends. The restaurant is a good for groups since they have large tables for both the teppanyaki side of the restaurant or if you just want to side in the regular dining room. We all had teppanyaki so we were seated around a teppanyaki grill.

We were served with salad and soup as we waited for our chef to cook our main courses.


Our Chef starting on our meals.


First up is vegetables. We were each given a ginger sauce and a mustard sauce, but I found the veggies to be pretty nicely flavoured already when he served it.


Coco’s main course: scallops. They were very well cooked, I was impressed. Not a bit over cooked and nicely seared on the outside.


Cooking the sirloin steak.


Again, very well seasoned and tasted great!


Lastly is the friend rice, he made it into a heart shape!

There were a lot of tricks that the chef did which I couldn’t really capture with pictures. Overall, a very entertaining dinner with better than expected food. I normally don’t expect food from teppanyaki to be too great because it’s mostly for the show. Iron Chef however served us delicious food as well as provide entertainment XD. The dinners cost us around $30 – $35 each after tax and tip.

Overall I would give it a 4/5 for food and entertainment, however, the cost is slightly steep for the food.

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