Christmas Nails #2 and #3

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I know this a late post about Christmas Nails but here it is! These are two other nail designs I created for the holiday.


 These were the tools that I used to create my designs:

  1. Long Striper
  2. French Brush
  3. Bent Detail Brush
  4. Small sized Dotting Tool

Christmas Nails #2

Before designing, paint your clean nails with a clear base coat (you could use a clear top coat) to help protect your nails


For the index finger and pinky, I painted a candy cane design.

  1. Paint the base with white nail polish
  2. With red nail polish, the long striper brush, and french brush line your nails with multiple diagonal lines. Starting from the top right of your nail to the bottom left.


Your end result would look similar to this. Add clear top coat.


For the thumb, middle finger, and ring finger I did a simple french manicure with a holly design.

  1. With the French mani brush and white nail polish, paint a thick layer of white nail polish across the bottom of your nail. You can choose to paint your mani more than your nail exceeds your finger.
  2. Paint the top coat with a white glitter nail polish for a Christmas like design.
  3. Leave your middle finger with this design


For the thumb and ring finger:

  1. Using red nail polish and a small sized dotting tool, dot three circles close together to create the berries of the holly
  2. With the bent detail brush and green nail polish, design three leafs between each red circle

20130101_170957Be sure to apply a clear layer of top coat!

Christmas Nails #3

For this design, I didn’t take pictures for tutorials because I didn’t have the time.

  1. Paint each nail with a clear base coat
  2. Paint each nail with a thick layer or two layers of red nail polish
  3. Index, Middle, Pinky:  paint a top layer of gold glitter
  4. Ring finger: design a simple snowflake: with a medium sized dotting tool and white nail polish create a dot on one half of your nail. Using a bent detail brush, paint extended lines from the dot
  5. Thumb: use a french brush and paint a thick layer or two layers of white nail polish across the bottom of the nail and a vertical line in the middle of the nail.
  6. Across the middle of the nail, paint a thick black line to create Santa’s belt.
  7. With the bent detail brush and gold nail polish, paint a rectangle in the middle of the belt and paint a slight extension from the left of the rectangle toward the middle


Here was the end result. Add clear top coat.

I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your loved ones! Until next time!

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“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.” – Edgar Allan Poe


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