Building a New Computer: Putting Parts Together

Hello computer geeks,

So as most of you know, I recently built my own computer! I got the computer parts on boxing day/week.  I’ll show you how I put it together but I must warn you that this isn’t the best tutorial to follow. It is to get an idea on how I built it and how much work you should expect. I’m sure there are some errors in the way I built it, and actually there are times I had to redo it because I made mistakes.

When you first start to build your computer you need your case and power supply. Open the case and put the power supply in the case. From what I’ve been told it is really important to put the power supply in first that way you can touch it while building the computer so you ground yourself. If you don’t ground yourself occasionally you can shock yourself or damage your parts.

Build1After you plug in your power supply you can put in your motherboard. In my case you had to screw it in several places to secure it. Its best to loosely tighten the screws first and then when all of them are in, screw it in tightly with a screw driver.

Build2After the motherboard is secure you can put your Intel core in! Apparently this is the most delicate part of building your computer. You have to be really careful putting your processor (Intel core) in so that nothing gets damaged.

Build3After the processor is placed in, you have to close it in its case in the mother board. Once you have closed it,  you have to put the fan on top of it. You secure the fan in with the pins it comes with, but it also had adhesive at the back of it. Once you use the computer, the fan will melt on the processor (Intel core).

Build4Once that is done, you can put in your solid state drive and DVD writer. Usually this is very simple. Just screw it in the slots provided in the case.Build5Once that is done you can put in your memory and video card. There are specific slots for them in your motherboard. I have to put quite a bit of pressure to put them in, so don’t be afraid to use a little force. I put in my wireless adapter last. Build6Once everything is put in you have to connect all the wires. I started with connecting everything with the power supply and then I connected case fans and exterior stuff. It is probably best to organize the wires as much as you can. Mine isn’t the best example of wiring, but I tried to weave it as much as a could.
Build8Overall I’m not going to lie, the photos look a lot more easier than it was. I got frustrated at figuring out where everything went. I also make a few placement mistakes with the memory. It isn’t too bad though, considering your custom making your own computer.  I’m sure I have some mistakes in this post, so correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll fix it. Here is a photo of my new set up, beside my mac.

NewSetupI will do a review for most of the parts and for Windows 8, next post =).


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