Hello GGG Readers!

Following from my last post, I took some screenshots of my RO2 play.

I’m still confused about how to chat with your party.

After level 10, it’s easier to party with people to do quests.

You can check your mailbox in towns only. There’s regular quests and kafra quests which are extra ones.


This is me flying, of course, it costs to fly lol. It saves times then walking.


This is kafra service where you can save location and store items other than keeping it from your bag. But, you need to visit kafra in order to open items that are stored so it’s kinda pain in the as$. I don’t usually store it there, I just keep in it my bag.


This is me sitting down, it looks weird but if you wanna save up your potions, you can sit down to rest and your HP will go up slowly.


Front view


Back view

Right now, I made a Thief with Blacksmith job which I’ll upgrade to Assassin. And, I also have an Alcolyte with Alchemist job which I’ll upgrade to Priest later.

At RO1, you could change your class at level 10 but now you need to be level 25.

More will be updated next week!

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