On My Way to Max Level

Hi GGG readers!

I really don’t know how I’m managing to balance school work and gaming. It has been a long time since I’ve been so dedicated to a game like this.  I’m close to level 80 on Guild Wars 2 now and I’m finally at the juiciest and most intense part of the game.

I’m noticing the increase of undead at this stage of the game, which is always a plus because I’m a zombie-slaying girl and it’s always fun to whack a few zombies around. I’ve also decided to switch from Dragonbrand to Tarnished Coast because I found out that a few of my friends were playing there. It was a bit hard to switch since it was full most of the time but I managed to do it before the update.



This is the back and front view of my warrior’s outfit at the moment. I feel like the higher the level, the more skimpy the outfit gets- haha! I’m not opposed to it and I do have a choice to wear a more conservative outfit but it’s fantasy so I’m not really concerned about the logic behind it. 😛 It looks cool.

gw145 gw146


Group events can get insane at higher levels. I really am enjoying how the game pulls the community together and promotes teamwork. It’s very different from other MMORPGs.



And of course, here’s a better shot of my character without her helm during a dialogue cut scene.




I’m ending this post with a quick doodle of Zojja.




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