Kingyo Izakaya

Hello food lovers!

I went to Kingyo Izakaya today for dinner. It’s a restaurant similar to Guu where you order small dishes to share and to go with drinks.



The menu items are small and are meant to be shared.


Cow tongue stone grill.


You cook the tongue on the stone which is pre-heated *0*.


Spicy chicken hotpot with cabbage and bean sprouts. Sort of like a Japanese take on a Korean dish. Not a lot of chicken as you can see.. lol.


My drink, melon white wine sangria! Super yummy XD.


Uni and scallop stone bowl and karaage. the uni and scallop stone bowl was probably the best thing I tried there.


Toro and avocado sushi. Very thin slices of Toro…


Scallop carpaccio. Scallops were small, pretty sure they cut each scallop in to 2 pieces…


Green tea macha creme brulee. This was really good, I wish I ordered a second one XD.


Frozen grapes, they give you these when you get the bill.

The price point of this place is similar to Guu Izakaya. We had 4 people, we each ordered a drink and shared about 8 dishes and 2 desserts. The total came to $50/person. I wasn’t exactly full after the meal but I wasn’t hungry haha.

Personally I feel the portions are way too small and probably would not go to have dinner, but it’s a nice place to go to have some drinks and some food to go with the drinks with friends.


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