Diana Cosplay Practice

Hello all,

As most of you already know my next cosplay will be Diana, from League of Legends =). Here is her splash page:

DianaSplashI just got my wig today so I’d thought I’d try wearing it with my eye contacts. I was able to get the contacts from Rocky, the photographer from Trillance.com. I got my Wig from Ebay from the buyer CosplayDna. I thought that the wig would be a bit nicer but it was your typical wig, nothing special. I got the bangless one because I thought It would be easier to style, but I was wrong.

As you can see in my photo there is a latex skin cover so at the part, it looks like part of your head. Without it you could probably see my hair underneath. It would be useful for someone just having the hair down, but I needed it to slick back so I can put it up. So the hair isn’t going to be true to the champion unfortunitely. I’m going to have to change her look a little bit.

DianaHairSo here is the photo below with my contacts and wig on. I look pretty silly because of my dark thick eyebrows but there is a lot of Youtube tutorials for hiding your eyebrows. Since Diana doesn’t have any, it’s perfect for me. I just need to get concealer and a lighter foundation. My attempt is on the right DX.

DianaBrowsI was hoping to look cute or sexy cosplaying as Diana, but it appears I will be very freaky -_-. I think it might be the contacts, I’m wondering if I should get something else. It kind of suits her look though, I guess she’s more dark in her splash page. So here is my attempt to photoshop the Diana details that I will be doing with makeup, sorry if I scared anyone DX :


So that is what I have so far! I wasn’t able to start my weapon yet due to school projects. Hopefully I will have that tutorial up soon. I’m excited to get started on it!


11 thoughts on “Diana Cosplay Practice

  1. Wow! At the end of the photos you look just like her a tad bit, but what kind of lipstic are you going to use? After Diana you should do Syndra πŸ˜€ idk, but you and Syndra would look alike ;D For the lipstick you should try silver or nude πŸ˜› i guess.

  2. the wig looks great in the photographs, i think it’s going to come out amazing, i can’t wait to see! πŸ™‚ The darker brows do seem to soften the effect of the contacts though, so maybe leaving a bit of their colour could help to lessen the “freaky” factor.

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