Hello GGG Readers!

Tera is now free as of Feb 5th, 2013. I didn’t want to try a new/different game because I play a lot of variety of games already.. My friend started Tera even though it’s mid-term season for her. So, I just kinda went “oh what the heck” and installed it.


Front view


Back View


Profile & actions & quest view

There’s 7 races and 8 classes. Few classes are similar like Berserker, Lancer, Slayer and Warrior since they all use blades/swords. It just depends on one-handed or two-handed. For a slayer, though, they use two one-hand swords. And, Mystic and Sorcerer can be similar but it’s different concept.

I made a High Elf Archer. (for now)

I’ll try to upload a random play in video format next time.

Tera does remind me a lot of Aion, the plays are a little bit more difficult than other MMORPG that I’ve played so far. Just because you have to aim the monster at the middle of the screen in order to attack, it’s not just one click to auto-aim. I’ll definitely play more this week so I’ll talk about it more next time (I promise), so more reviews and stuff.

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