Mini Review: The Witch’s House

Hi everyone!

This week I’m reviewing another free Japanese indie horror RPG called The Witch’s House by Fummy. You play as a girl named Viola who has to finds herself in a strange house and has to get out somehow. This game is similar to Ib, which means you have to solve puzzles to get to beat the game.

The graphics of this game are a step up from Ib’s super simple sprites. I must admit that once I got thrown into the game, I already had no idea what I had to do. There is minimal instruction at first and you just have to keep poking around to figure out what to do.
This game focuses on exploration and puzzle solving to find your way out. Once you get through the first few puzzles, you’ll get a hang of the gameplay. The controls are pretty straight-forward. Arrow keys to move, X to pull up the menu, and spacebar or Z to run or interact with objects.

The ambiance of the game is well done. Even though the game uses sprites, the lighting and the music, along with the events make this game scary. The fun thing about the game is that you never expect what will happen next and it will constantly keep you on your toes. As with Ib, there are different endings to the game depending on what you choose to or choose not to do throughout the game.
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I can’t really say more about the game since I don’t want to spoil the experience for you. 😛 I do recommend you give it a try though!

You can download the translated version here. You need to download and install RTP as well to run the game.



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