Peggy’s Point – Algonquin Highlands

Hello GGG Readers!

I went to a cottage near Algonquin over the weekend (2 nights, 3 days) with some friends. Our original plan was to go to Blue Mountains to ski/snowboard, but most of us weren’t gonna ski/snowboard and didn’t match our budget.

We tried to save money by bringing our own rice and kimchi from each household, so we don’t have to buy it.


Peggy’s Point – this is how our cottage looked like.

There were 8 of us with 3 rooms. It had just enough beds. Two bathrooms, except there was only one shower room (second bathroom had a jacuzzi that we never used).

I had a cold shower in the first morning because I went almost last.

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We went hiking


We played monopoly (they had few board games but we brought our own – deluxe version so we played ours)

QfCOHdKwCXS0QgDIJqgVaVcuMB3XCZuTxr6lFM1KQmk  QY5ddT31ccf2eIvZgRELAPCxcg0-K-Z1Cyk1NP2w-xo RSErVTGwAqHuk2OSa2XdEChhUrBNVnxvwVYb3Z2hYwA

Our food was pork belly for 3 days, cup ramen, and snacks. We bought 102 bottles of beer, and 11 bottles of soju + and one member brought 4 beer cans and more beer.

We couldn’t finish the food nor alcohol.


Great outdoor view taken from the car.

We also tried to make a snowman and an igloo, but no pictures for that.

And, since I promised a video clip of me playing Tera:

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