Homemade Chocolate Cover Balls

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I know we’ve done cake pops in earlier posts done by myself and boss-emily and I can assure you this post is very similar to those posts just without the sticks and when I had done it last I hadn’t made them from scratch so I would like to share my new experience with you, readers 🙂


1. Bake cake and once cooled cut into quarters

2. Take each quarter and crumble each piece by rubbing them against each other into fine crumbs. Be sure to crumble any large pieces. Repeat throughout all quarters


3. Mix together icing and cake crumbs. Spoon in icing in small doses so as to not over moisturize the crumbs

4. Continue to mix together until crumbs are fairly lumpy


5. Hand shape cake lumps into balls

PhotoGrid_13617593381816. Melt chocolate wafers of your choice in a double boiler or  in a metal bowl above a pot of heated water




7. Place balls into chocolate and cover completely with using a spoon

8. Place each coated ball onto wax paper

9. If you wish to not decorate leave balls to cool and enjoy!



Here are two simple decorating methods with left over sugar crystals I had and excess chocolate.

Sugar coating: while balls are still wet, sprinkle sugar crystals onto centre of balls


Chocolate drizzle: when balls are dry with a spoon streak melted chocolate above each ball

My coworkers and family seemed to enjoy them a lot! I think it has a lot to do with the icing and chocolate lol

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“Take off everything, that pretty red dress Eileen” – Dexys Midnight Runners


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