Anime North 2013 – Cosplay Preview

Hi GGG Readers!

It’s that time of year again… Anime North 2013 is coming to Toronto!!

I am a little late in starting my cosplay this year, compared to last.  Myself, Coco Rocha, Ninjabunnies, and one of my close guy friends are cosplaying League of Legends champions again.  I have bought most of my supplies, which I will provide a list in a future post with final pricing.  So far I have only started on my weapons.  I will post a tutorial once I am finished the first stages.

Here is a preview of my cosplay.
Can you guess which League Champ I’ll be cosplaying?

Here’s a hint:
“How do you like my guns… Shock, and Awe!”


Stay tuned for updates and tutorials on my cosplay~!


6 thoughts on “Anime North 2013 – Cosplay Preview

  1. I love Miss. Fortune! I’m attempting to do Secret Agent. The guns are hard to make for a cosplay novice like myself lol.

    • I will be posting a tutorial on how I am making my guns soon.
      It is still in the works, but I am making mine out of wood.

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