Healthy/ Diet Mode

Hello GGG Readers!

As I’ve promised from last week… I haven’t really been playing games lately.

My friends and I’m in “healthy” and “diet” mode.

I go to the gym three times a week, but the schedule is weird since we go Mon, Tues, and Wed. Not like once every other day.

One of my friend used to learn boxing, so he’s teaching us some basic stuff like rope jumping and jabs.

And then, we play squash because my friend’s condo’s gym facility has it.

[You can see my playing squash at my Tumblr since I can’t add embeded video here due to privacy issues]

My meals are something like this: I eat a normal brunch which is rice with side dishes (korean style), so basically I eat whatever. Rice is carbohydrate so that’ll be the only time I eat it (once a day).

Then, I eat dinner before 7pm or sunset… which are salad.

I add either boiled eggs or chicken with little dressing sauce.

salad salad2

Finally, I eat out or eat something high calorie once a week… Which is either Saturday or Sunday.

This week, we’re gonna add treadmills and weights. Hopefully, I’ll be fit by May or June the latest. Preparing Summer? lol

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