League of Legends at Boston Pax: SKIN CONTEST [CLOSED]

Hello Everyone!

It just got back from Boston Pax and there is a lot to talk about, so first I will talk about League of Legends at Pax.


It was so nice to see a huge display for League with fans, and displays! Totally different from going to Anime North and Fan Expo.


These statues were amazing!!! Worth seeing in person. I did enjoy Pax, but it wasn’t was I expected. It’s definitely more of a gaming convention. I will go into detail in another post. Here is another one I took of a Ziggs sculpture.


I was super excited with all the League events going on. I got a lot of loot including role specific lanyards. I saw some people with all of the roles but I just wanted Support and Mid XD.


As you might have noticed I got them signed by TSM! I was sooooooooooooooooo excited when I ran into them. It was weird because I was walking by and they were just sitting at the table XD. I came at the best time when the autograph rush was gone, so I was able to ask for a photo. Dyrus looked pretty pooped so I didn’t want to bother him with a photo -_-. I got the rest of the team though! They were super friendly, even though they  met a lot of fans before me XD.

TSMandCocoPicI also saw Nikasaur!!! She’s super cute in real life XD.



I also got skins! Which leads me to me to my next topic:ContestSkins

I will be hosting a very small contest. It is very simple! Just comment below with your email and your favorite role, champion and which skin you want to have! I have two skins available. One is the Full Metal Rammus and the other is Riot Graves. I will put the names in a draw and pick a random name for the two different skins. You can only enter for one skin, so choose which one you want.

IMPORTANT: I am doing a quick contest because the skin code will expire on this Friday. The last day to enter your name below is this Tuesday, March 26th at 5PM.  I will draw this Tuesday Night and email the skin code on the next day, Wednesday. PLEASE redeem it as soon as possible so it doesn’t expire!

Good Luck! If any questions, don’t hesitate to ask =).


28 thoughts on “League of Legends at Boston Pax: SKIN CONTEST [CLOSED]

  1. My favorite role to play is support , although I have recently begun learning to jungle with my husband. I would really love the Rammus skin!

  2. Omg I wanted to go to pax 😦 its so cool how you got to meet tsm :/ I wish I could go by next year.

    Email – l*****l******@hotmail.ca
    Role – mid
    Champion – teemo
    Skin – full metal rammus

  3. I think I screwed up the first time I posted sooo.. here goes TAKE 2!

    Favorite Position: Mid/Support (depends on the day)
    Favorite Champ: Lux/ Leona Love my shiny ladies of the light.
    Skin: Riot Graves preeze!

    p.s. TYSM for the cosplay tutorial videos, they helped out so much!

  4. Favorite position (depends on the day :3) Mid/Support
    Favorite Champion: Lux/ Leona LOVE to support Leona, b/c she’s OP. Also love to mid lux b/c or LAZORZ! But not support Lux because i somehow get all the kills >.<
    Skin: Riot Graves preeze!

    Btw, tysm for your cosplay tutorials they helped out a lot!

  5. Email: k*******.*.***@gmail.com
    Fav. Role: Top Lane
    Fav. Champion: Elise
    Skin: Riot Graves

    I really want to head over to PAX one day – only been to the Ontario con’s (i.e Comicon in Toronto and Anime North(7 years running)). A buddy and myself are thinking within the next year or two of going down to PAX east 😀

      • I think that goes without saying – I’d be at Pax Prime in a heart beat if it weren’t so damn far away. I’d expect loads more as well because it’s in the same city where the guys down at Penny Arcade work, so it’s probably quite the gem. The buddy I mentioned before loves cosplaying and we’ve discussed going to several conventions in the states over the next few years, one of which being AX down in LA – perhaps we’d swap it for Pax? Not sure.

  6. That’s really cool that they all took the time to take pictures with you. I’m never sure what to expect from LoL pros. Sometimes they seem so immature and kind of unpleasant when you see them game, but then you see awesome stuff like this and it changes your mind

  7. Whoa, so lucky Coco! :] Ive been following you guys for a long time and I think its pretty cool how you live in Toronto as well. :] My name is Helen, and I main bot. My favourite role is ADC as Vayne or MF, but I support as well as Leona or Sona! I couldnt pick just one champion ! But I’d love that Riot Graves skin, not for me, but for my boyfriend who lanes with me as either an amazing Draven/Graves, or a horrible Thresh/Alistar. LOL. ❤

    • Ya, I was super happy to run into them XD…

      Good luck with the skin XD! I didn’t post this on reddit or anything that would reach people other than our followers =). I hope this give a better chance for those who support us.

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