DIY: Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Hey guys!

Chocolate dipped strawberries make a great party treat and are super easy to prepare. They can also be a romantic treat for your significant other or Valentine’s day. Here are the steps to making your own chocolate dipped strawberries at home!


– Fresh strawberries (preferably nicely shaped)

– Chocolate candy melts (I used dark chocolate)

– Vegetable oil


1.  Wash and make sure the strawberries are cleaned with water.

Fresh strawberries

2.  Lay out parchment/wax paper on a tray.

3.  Make sure to pat the strawberries dry with a paper towel.

choco dip strawberries2

Strawberries patted dry with paper towel and laid out on parchment paper

4.  Put the chocolate melts into a small bowl with a bit of vegetable oil (around 1 tbsp, depending on how much chocolate you have). **NOTE: Vegetable oil will allow the chocolate to look shinier and smoother.

5.  Melt the chocolate by microwaving or heating over the stove. I also used this fondue set to help keep the chocolate warm so it would prevent it from hardening during the dipping process. Make sure to stir the chocolate and not to overheat/burn or it may become chunky and inconsistent.

choco dipped strawberries3

Dark chocolate and vegetable oil

6.  Now you can start dipping! Grab the strawberries by the leafy stem, making sure it is out of the way and dip your strawberry around 3/4 in so that part of the strawberry still shows. **NOTE: If the chocolate starts to harden again or becomes difficult to dip in, heat it up until smooth again.

7.  If you would like your strawberries a little fancier, you can choose to garnish with different types of nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, etc.) after you have dipped them in chocolate. Decorate your strawberries by melting different coloured candy melts and drizzling the chocolate over your strawberries with a spoon. You may also put your melted chocolate in a zip-lock bag and cut a hole at the corner and use it like a piping bag to pipe on different designs.

choco dipped strawberries 4

Crushed cashews

8.  Allow the strawberries to cool at room temperature for around 5 minutes, then chill in the fridge for around 15 minutes to make sure the chocolate hardens well.

choco dipped strawberries 5

Top left: Chocolate dipped strawberries with cashews
Top right: Chocolate dipped Word of Warcraft (Horde sign) strawberries!
Bottom: Chocolate dipped strawberries with chocolate drizzle

Horde Strawberries

World of warcraft: Horde strawberries


9.  Now they’re ready to serve and eat. Enjoy!! 🙂


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