Wind Runner – Mobile App/Game

Hello GGG Readers!

Most people have smartphones now, and I don’t know how much time you guys spend time on mobile games…. I play “Wind Runner” everyday.

It’s a game that you need mobile chatting program first, either KakaoTalk or Line. There are English versions as well so feel free to download them. If your friends from your phone’s contact list has the same program, it will automatically find/add them.

Right now, my score is

wind runner2


Although, my friend did it for me =p

You receive 5 shoes which are like game lives to start with. You can send/receive them with your friends. I have 347 shoes at the moment… I had more (trust me).

With the coins you receive by playing, you can either upgrade your character or pet, or buy little pets for higher chance of receiving coins during game play.

Also, there are 4 items that enhances your game play which are start-up shoes, relay, shield and last spurt. Start-up shoes makes you fly for a bit in the beginning of the game. When you have two or more characters, you can choose relay item – so when you die, your second character comes up to continue the game.  When you die, last spurt will let you fly for a bit to receive coins (if it’s on the way).

This is a random person’s play, s/he used all the items.

It’s a free game, there are options where you can buy “ruby” that lets you purchase coins, or character/pet, etc. Some of my friends actually spend their money on mobile games. Recently, my friend bought me some rubies so I can buy the best character… random gift (y) haha. Appreciated.

In order to play, you just tap the screen to jump, pretty simple and easy.

Give it a try; though, downloading two apps are are required in order to play.

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